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Our History

Tia Linda Ministries (TLM) was conceived in Linda’s eight-year-old heart when the Lord spoke to her that her parents would be missionaries. Even though it was inconceivable at the time, shortly thereafter the Pritchett family was assigned to Central America. Always active in her parents’ ministry, Linda grew up with a passion to help people know about God, especially the young ones.

Years later upon graduating from Bible College, internationally known evangelist and radio personality, Paul Finkenbinder (AKA Hermano Pablo) invited Linda to hold simultaneous children’s evangelistic events while he conducted the city-wide evangelistic outreach in San Salvador. During the three weeks of meetings, Linda did a daily radio broadcast and taught a growing number of children during the evening evangelistic events.

This ministry grew so much that in the process of time, Tia Linda Ministries was established. Since then Linda through TLM has held over ___ evangelistic events for children in ___ countries seeing over ____ children come to faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Thousands of children in Latin America have tuned in to TLM’s radio broadcast called “Momentos Alegres Con Tia Linda” (“Happy Moments with Aunt Linda”). Such was TLM’s outreach that Linda was commissioned by another internationally known evangelist, Dr. Alberto Mottesi, to hold simultaneous children’s outreach during his evangelistic outreach events.

Accompanying Linda in all children’s outreach and radio broadcasts is her lion puppet called, “Miguelito” (Mikee). He is a tool that children can identify with as Linda shares the gospel truths to young ears. Due to his quick wit and insightful intervention, Miguelito has won the hearts of many precious little ones, and grownups as well.

During the past few years, Linda and the TLM Team she has trained and equipped has dedicated senses a new direction from the Lord which we feel will reach even more children for Christ. In order to promote evangelism of children worldwide, TLM is now dedicating its strength and resources to training the local church to reach out into their community and reach the children for the Kingdom of God. This will be done by providing the training and equipping for the local church to reach the children of their community through effective evangelism, follow-up and discipleship. Through these trainings we have seen many churches increase their attendance significantly as the children are incorporated into the local fellowship and their parents seeing the impact also come to faith in Christ. This training can be offered in English or in Spanish. In the past few years TLM has expanded its training not only in 20 countries in North, South and Central America but also in other continents such as Asia, Africa and Europe.



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