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Meet the Team

item2Linda Pritchett Richey, known as Tía Linda (Aunt Linda), has dedicated her life to the evangelization and teaching of children in all America, especially Latin America. Thousands of children have received Christ Jesus as Savior in the evangelistic events she has held all over the world. She hosts a radio broadcast for children in Spanish, "Momentos Alegres con Tía Linda," in which she uses Bible lessons to illustrate Bible truths and principles for living. She is the daughter of missionary parents and grew up in Latin America. More recently, her outreach has gone into Asia, Africa and Europe as well. Linda received Jesus as her personal Savior when she was six years of age and received her call as a missionary when she was eight.

item3Lewie Richey is Linda’s husband and the son of missionary parents who served for many years in the Philippines where he was born. Lewie has spent much of his ministry career in cross-cultural ministry, 20 years of which was spent in Latin America. Lewie brings to the TLM team pastoral experience from many years of developing and mentoring leaders in several countries. He is a Bible teacher and lecturer with Tia Linda. Lewie received Jesus as his personal Savior when he was eight years old. He received his call to ministry when he was fifteen, something that he has done for most of his life.

item4Miguelito is a lion puppet that Tia Linda uses as an effective tool to communicate the Gospel to children. His child-like questions and reactions to the Bible stories make the children feel mhim an instrument that the children joyfully identify with. Tia Linda reminds the children that Miguelito, as lovely, friendly and funny as he may be is an instrument that only functions with Tia Linda’s hand inside. Miguelito, usually works with Linda on “Momentos Alegres Con Tia Linda,” the radio broadcast and outreach activities, helping make the teaching time exciting and memorable.

item5Yariela Miranda is Panamanian and has been part of TLM since 2006. Sponsored by TLM Yariela went to Nicaragua as a missionary to children. During her three and a half years in Nicaragua, she trained multiple children’s leaders and saw over 5,000 children come to faith in Jesus Christ and go through the TLM discipleship training in their local church, becoming vibrant members of their local congregation. Yariela has also ministered in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru, Colombia and Spain.

Members of the TLM Board. We depend vehemently on our TLM Board for spiritual and fiscal covering. We are very fortunate to have on our board those who have impacted our lives down through the years and mentored us in the direction we are serving God today. We are proud to present…

Dr. Harold Helms – Pastor, Educator, Author and Theologian

Dr. Mary Lou Canata – Children’s Ministry Specialist and Evangelist

Rev. Rick Wulfestieg – Christian Educator and Publisher

Rev. Linda Richey – Founder and President of TLM

Rev. Lewie Richey – Missionary, Educator and Bible Teacher

Emily Plater – Children’s Ministry Specialist